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William (Bill) Gates, Chairman Microsoft Corporation

William (Bill) H Gates, Chairman and Chief Software Architect of Microsoft Corporation said:
“It’s my pleasure to extend my congratulations on the launch of Energy City Qatar. Microsoft has had a presence in Qatar for several years and we are committed to investing in the country, its people and its businesses. We fully support your efforts to establish Qatar as a world leader in the global energy industry and Microsoft will strive to be at the forefront of the development of software solutions of the oil and gas industry. We’ve help make significant advances that are enabling energy companies to create the strong infrastructure needed to streamline operations and respond quickly to customer needs. Software plays a central role in the energy industry. With the launch of Energy City Qatar, we have the opportunity to work together to create new tools and solutions that will enable oil and gas companies to achieve new levels of performance in every phase of their business. As the world’s first integrated energy business centre, Energy City Qatar will be an international showcase for the next generation of technology innovations and promises to play a major role in the economic and social development of this vitally important region of the world. We look forward to contributing in the success of Energy City Qatar and to continuing to deliver technology that can help the global energy industry achieve peak performance.”

Dave O’Reilly, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Chevron Texaco

Dave O’Reilly, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Chevron Texaco said:
“As one of the world’s leading energy companies, we’ve been active in the Gulf region for more than 75 years. We believe Energy City Qatar is an example of Qatar’s strong leadership to create a more secure energy future. Against a backdrop of surging demand for both natural gas and diesel fuel, Chevron is advancing major projects to produce LNG and GTL synthetic fuels – and Qatar is central to our efforts. There is no doubt that consistent deliveries of large-scale and innovative projects make Qatar a clear partner of choice for gas developments.”

Andrew Gould, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Schlumberger

Andrew Gould, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Schlumberger said:
“Energy Demand forecasts have already defined the significant investment levels that will be needed to develop future supplies of both oil and gas. But in addition to investment in new infrastructure, where Qatar is already a leading player, much work is needed in developing technology. At Schlumberger we are no stranger to such challenges as we ourselves manage the service industry’s largest technology development organization. We believe Energy City Qatar can fill an important role as the regional hub of such intellectual capital, and we welcome Qatar’s initiative in pursuing such a vision. The oil and gas of the future will become progressively more difficult to develop and an integrated approach such as this must be part of the answer.”

Helge Lund, The President and Chief Executive Officer of Statoil

Helge Lund the President and Chief Executive Officer of Statoil said:
“Results require great ambition. I am therefore honoured to endorse Energy City, a strong symbol of the vision of His Highness, The Emir of Qatar. I am impressed with what Qatar has accomplished in the area of Energy. As a global leader of Energy in LNG with firm plans for further developments, Qatar’s track record gives excellent support to the ambitions of also taking the lead on GTL. Qatar’s achievements were an inspiration to Statoil. Our ambitions are also clear. We want to develop long term business relationships with Qatar and like Qatar, Statoil has a proud history in the area of Natural Gas. We are a leading gas supplier to Europe. We are now developing our first LNG project under arctic conditions and we have strong positions in the snow of Norway. We eagerly seek foothold in the State of Qatar. The idea to join different developing technologies in Doha will consolidate Qatar as a regional focal point for innovation. The Energy City will be a major contributor in utilizing Qatar’s hydrocarbons and human resources. Future generations would benefit from spin-off effects and business far beyond petroleum. In this project, I see a vibrant hub for collaborating various countries and companies, a dynamic source of creativity and technology innovation and a world-class centre for developing people skills and competence. Today we mark the first milestone of what I fairly believe will be a long and successful journey for Qatar and the region.”


The Energy City Qatar cooperates efficiently with several partners and advisors in the purpose of going beyond the ordinary expectations. Therefore, the list of collaborators includes PFC ENERGY, ABU DHABI INVESTMENT HOUSE, and KUWAIT INVESTMENT COMPANY. PFC Energy – Lead Strategic Advisor

Washington D.C. based PFC Energy, an acknowledged leader in providing strategic advice on the competitive, commercial, economic and political aspects of the global energy business. PFC Energy is retained as the leading strategic advisor to Energy City Qatar. Abu Dhabi Investment House – Strategic Partner

Established in 2005, Abu Dhabi Investment House P.J.S.C. (ADIH) is an investment institution promoted by leading financial institutions and a group of prominent businessmen and investors from the Gulf region.

Set up with a paid up capital of AED 200 million, ADIH focuses on the existing and emerging potential in private equity, corporate finance, real estate, asset management and investment placement. ADIH advises investors on a variety of high-yielding and untapped investment avenues that will enable them to reap the rich dividends of the regional economic growth. ADIH has as well interests in managing Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), and buying and selling domestic and international securities. Kuwait Investment Company – Strategic Partner

Founded in 1961, Kuwait Investment Company was the first Kuwaiti shareholding entity specializing in short and long term investment activities. Over the years, KIC gained a solid reputation as one of the leading investment companies in Kuwait with strong access to regional and international markets. Consequently, it has developed strong relationships with renowned worldwide financial institutions.