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Market Overview

The Qatari economy has experienced tremendous growth, buoyed by the strong oil and natural gas exports over the recent years:

Qatar has enjoyed a real estate boom fuelled by a sharp increase in government spending and a surge in private sector investment in the past. It is one of the largest construction markets in GCC region (after the UAE and Saudi Arabia and according to Qatar National Bank, it is believed to be witnessing a comparatively healthier economic growth rate amongst the other GCC countries.

About Qatar’s commercial/office market:

  • Office demand expected to sustain solid growth over medium term.
  • Doha’s premium office sector is likely to see:
    • most of suspended or delayed projects due to the financial crisis have resumed construction and;
    • many new projects are in the offing following the anticipated demand rising from development plans to cater for Qatar 2022
  • ECQ is a revolutionary tenant proposition in Doha office market:
    • first energy business hub in GCC, supporting Qatar’s global positioning vision and attracting leading international, regional and local oil and gas value chain players as well as other interested businesses;
    • the first “Smart City” development in Qatar with unmatched features including Cisco’s connected real estate model amongst other intelligent business platforms;
    • aiming to be the World’s first fully LEED Certified Development – all buildings within the city will be designed with minimum Silver LEED Certification
    • first campus style office development (low rise/density, congestion free, ample parking, value-added amenities etc) and
    • strategically located with easy access to all key services and destinations
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