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Hesham Al-Emadi, CEO, Energy City Qatar February 2012

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Energy City Qatar, the First True Smart City to Be Developed with Qatari Talents


The contract for the design and implementation of a fully integrated smart city system was signed yesterday at La Cigale Hotel in Doha. The contract was signed between the Energy City Holding Company, the leading developer of Energy City projects in Qatar and beyond, and the Integrated Technical Group (ITG), one of the leading Qatari companies in the design and implementation of fully integrated systems and solutions for smart buildings and smart cities, and in the area of technical project management in the State of Qatar.

The signing ceremony was attended by HE Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Abdullah Al Thani, Chairman of the Board, ITG, Engineer Osama Al-Omar, Deputy Chairman and CEO, ITG and Engineer Hesham Al-Emadi, CEO of Energy City Qatar (ECQ), in addition to several businessmen,
journalists and media representatives.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Engineer Hesham Al-Emadi welcomed the attendees, and gave a brief overview of Energy City projects around the world and in Qatar, elaborating on the desired goals and expected positive outcomes of implementing the fully integrated smart city system in Energy City Qatar.

Al-Emadi also shed light on the role of the smart city system in improving the services provided by Energy City to developers, tenants and operators. This will be achieved through implementing world class cutting-edge technologies in security, protection and safety systems; energy and smart buildings management systems; smart traffic control systems, car parking management systems, and interactive audio-visual and entertainment systems. According to Al-Emadi, these systems shall be fully integrated and linked together, through wired/wireless networks. These will in turn be managed by means of a single citywide control unit.

Commenting on the event, HE Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Abdullah Al Thani, Chairman of the Board, ITG, said that the smart city system is currently receiving significant attention among many major real estate projects developing specialized cities in Qatar and the region. The system – according to His Excellency - would contribute immensely in supporting the important phase that the state of Qatar is set to enter next, especially in terms of the ability to create smart facilities that would keep pace with current and future developments and challenges; according to the ITG Chairman, the system is also expected to provide support to the efforts underway in preparation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar.

On a different note, HE Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Bin Abdullah Al Thani said that this system is the realization of the wise vision of His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar, for Qatar’s future , and the embodiment of the vision of Her Highness Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser Al-Missned, which seeks to transform Qatar into a hub of progress and technological advancement in the region and beyond.

Next, Engineer Osama Al-Omar gave a brief address, stating that the system proposed for implementation by Energy City projects in Qatar and beyond is based on an innovative model, which is the first of its kind. This model was developed by ITG, which established special specifications, standards and criteria for the purpose of defining and describing what has come to be known as the smart facility or smart city. These are the first specifications and standards of their kind to be developed and created to describe this kind of facilities. According to Al-Omar, this model has surpassed the other models proposed by many international companies, in that it relies on specific standards and criteria that apply to the smart city concept, and is fully focused on defining and describing the various applications needed to operate and manage the city.

Al-Omar added that this distinguished model for smart city systems has been created by harnessing the company’s long expertise in this field, and the best Arab minds and talents in the area of designing and implementing command, control, and management and communications systems in various fields. The completed system will serve the purpose of managing the city’s various processes in a unified and integrated manner, while the various components of this system will work under a single integrated structure, offering centrally coordinated and homogeneous automated services to the city and its various parts, without conflicts.

Al-Omar also confirmed that this system will be capable of containing various incidents that may occur in any component of the city, such as entryways, buildings, intersections and other components, as soon as they happen, and then implementing the appropriate response in accordance with the rules adopted by the city’s management.

Finally, Engineer Al-Omar gave a brief overview of the systems, solutions and the technology present in the smart city system in ECQ, and showcased the services and automatic functions that it offers for the management and operation of the city.

Next, Engineer Hesham Al-Emadi and Engineer Osama Al-Omar, representing ECQ and ITG respectively, signed the contracts for the establishment of the Smart City System for Energy City Qatar, giving the official go-ahead for the project. Engineer Al-Emadi and Engineer Al-Omar then answered questions from the media and the press.